Welcome to Gröettum.net
from brother and sister co-owners, Gil and Louie Gilman.
We started this site to document our family genealogy and the site name reflects our Norwegian ancestry.

Part of the site is dedicated to exploring our ancestry.  Louie is the prime mover for things genealogical. These pages focus on our mother's Danish, Norwegian,  and German heritage and the ancestry of our father's adoptive family. To explore click on the family tree to the right!  To visit the password protected family pages, click here.

Gil has developed a miniature collector's website: The Dwarven Stronghold.
His wife Gayle's artistic identity is "Paintings by Avigil" and she also shares space at groettum.net
His son, Noah owns a cleaning and maintenance company, Mr.GreenClean®, focusing on environmentally friendly products.
His son, Jeshurun explores the poetry, imagination and mystery of the Elves, on his portion of the website.

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