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The Norwegian surnames in this genealogy are connected directly or indirectly through my mother's ancestry.  I have listed the Norwegian patroynmic names and farm names that were often adopted as surnames in the United States.  The primary Norwegian name in my research is Groettum. This could be a variation of the Grøtan (or Grøttum) farm name where Rasmus was born. For more information on Norwegian naming practices, click on the Norwegian Ancestry link

Patronymic Names

  • Andersen, Andersdatter
  • Andreason
  • Anfinsen, Anfindsen, Anfinson, Anfindson
  • Baardsen, Baardsdatter
  • Ingebrigtsdatter
  • Jensen, Jensdatter
  • Johansdatter
  • Johnson, Jonsen, Jonsdatter
  • Olafson
  • Olsen, Olsdatter, Olesen, Oleson, Olesdatter

Farm Names in Norway

  • Eming
  • Grøtan, Grøttum
  • Haug, Haugum
  • Houg, Hougbottenr
  • Ingum
  • Noemsplads
  • Skauge, Skogan
  • Skei
  • Ulven

Known Locations in America

  • Arlington, Virginia
  • Cayuga, Sargent County, North Dakota
  • Forman Township, Sargent County, North Dakota
  • Highland Prairie, Fillmore County, Minnesota
  • Jamestown, Stutsman County, North Dakota
  • Lanesboro, Fillmore County, Minnesota
  • Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • Peterson, Fillmore County, Minnesota
  • Rushford, Fillmore County, Minnesota
  • St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota