Groettum and Gilman Genealogy Family Photos


Memories of our past

[The Groettum Girls
Photos of daughters of Richard Groettum and Freda (Christoffer) Groettum

[Nichelle Gilman Parsons
Photos of Nichelle, mother Leeann and father John; along with other family members

Present day images

[The Lake Express Ferry
Photos of the ferry ride Louie Gilman and Kathi Carlson took from Wisconsin to Michigan, May 2007
[Memorial Day, 2007 in Saginaw, MI
Photos taken at the home of Chet and Jackie Kosiara
[Tee-Ball, June, 2007
Photos taken at T-Ball at the Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center

[Betty and Earl's new apartment
Photos taken at the St Therese at Oxbow Lake apartment in Brooklyn Park, MN, Feb, 2008.

Groettum - Gilman Genealogy

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Family Photo Albums

This part of our web site provides space for family members to share current photos and photos from our past.
These pages are under construction.  If you have photos you would like to share, contact Louie Gilman.